Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Art Friday - 1st drop

I've been looking for inspiraton regarding what to do for Free Art Friday. Artists have been using items which might otherwises be recyled such as My Dog Sighs with his fantastic cans and cardboard.

The answer was right in front of me on my desk in the form of 3 Lytham cobbles I picked up on a dog walk ages ago. Painting pebbles is something that we've probably all done as toddlers and they are free!

I started painting them without any idea of how or what I was going to do. The round pebble kind of reminded me of Charlie Brown's head, my favourite cartoon growing up; the triangular Snoopy and the oblong, Woodstock.

Inspired by Charles Shultz, the "cobbletoon" was born. I'm looking forward to leaving these around Lytham and secretly watching to see who picks them up. Thanks to Shanon Leigh for the pics.

So Friday 26th January, 2013 was my first drop. It was bitterly cold with snow forcast so I had to try and find sheltered spots around Lytham and just improvised on the hoof. Below are the locations I picked which should be quessable for the locals. I'm glad to say a mum contacted me later in the day to say her daughter had found one and was very pleased with it!
I hope to try again on another Friday soon, perhaps this time with some of my own images. Watch this space.


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