Friday, October 14, 2011


Inspired by Art Journalist, Danny Gregory, I decided to start sketching everyday no matter where I am. If I can draw live caricatures, surely I can draw in public? I still felt the twinge of fear and embarrasment as I sat on a bench in Lytham Square and drew the facade of my favourite cafe, Java, and location of my first date with my girlfriend.

Using a black ball point pen and watercolour paper, I just had to commit to the lines and let go of any fear of making a mess of it. Once finished, I took the line drawing home and used water colours from memory to fill it in.

My next target was Strongs fruit and veg shop which always has an amazing display outside. Armed with a pot of tea, I sat in the cafe opposite and started the process again until the cold proved too much.

Now the Lytham Posy Bowl, this building holds fond memories for me growing up as it used to be Henry Street Chippy. I spent alot of my pocket money on gravy and chips here.

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