Friday, January 25, 2013

Wallace Smile Caricature

For Artstix practice today, I used a Facebook photo of a caricature artists son called Ed. More cheeeeese Gromit?

Dynamo Caricature

I love this guys shows, I'm always fascinated with his magic and the different settings he uses. This was done on my Wacom Cintiq in Painter 12.

Prismacolor Artstix

I've been wanting to master the art of colouring caricatures with Artstix. They are widely used in the U.S. but hard to source over here. Anyway, I managed to trace a box and with the advise of some caricature mates, split them in half to make them easier to handle and tried to round the sharp edges off on some rough paper.

Essentially, the Artstix are a woodless colour pencil and comprise of a long square shaped stick of pure colour which can cover large areas quickly. It is necessary to draw on a paper rough enough to take the colour but not too rough to ruin the marker. Also, the paper should be laid on top of a foam pad to stop the surface of the drawing board coming through.

Here are my first couple of tries. I really need to round the sticks out more and find some better paper. Always blaming the tools!

Free Art Friday - 1st drop

I've been looking for inspiraton regarding what to do for Free Art Friday. Artists have been using items which might otherwises be recyled such as My Dog Sighs with his fantastic cans and cardboard.

The answer was right in front of me on my desk in the form of 3 Lytham cobbles I picked up on a dog walk ages ago. Painting pebbles is something that we've probably all done as toddlers and they are free!

I started painting them without any idea of how or what I was going to do. The round pebble kind of reminded me of Charlie Brown's head, my favourite cartoon growing up; the triangular Snoopy and the oblong, Woodstock.

Inspired by Charles Shultz, the "cobbletoon" was born. I'm looking forward to leaving these around Lytham and secretly watching to see who picks them up. Thanks to Shanon Leigh for the pics.

So Friday 26th January, 2013 was my first drop. It was bitterly cold with snow forcast so I had to try and find sheltered spots around Lytham and just improvised on the hoof. Below are the locations I picked which should be quessable for the locals. I'm glad to say a mum contacted me later in the day to say her daughter had found one and was very pleased with it!
I hope to try again on another Friday soon, perhaps this time with some of my own images. Watch this space.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Hugh Grant Caricature

Some more digital practice, this time using the classic British pretty boy, Hugh Grant.

Justin Bieber Caricature 2013 - Digital

My original Justin Bieber caricature still gets more hits than any other picture on my blog. I have updated already but I thought I'd go all high tech and post a modern digital version.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Slow Carb Diet

I'm on a diet and losing weight fast since New Year but I think my latest career change plans might be a little hasty.

Cone of Shame

This cartoon came about from watching the fantastic "UP" film during the festive period.

The Taps, Lytham - New Landlord

A bit of drawing practice from the local paper.

Corporate Retirement Caricature - Caravaners

I was asked to create a humorous retirement caricature for a retiring company director. The only info I was given was that him and his wife enjoyed caravaning and had a Westie dog. The rest was left up to me! I will add the final framed picture soon.

Miranda Hart Caricature

I love her show now, despite not getting it in the first few viewings. Such fun! This is what I call, caricature.

Welly in the Press - Pedlars Act

I have an article and a couple of cartoons published in my local rag, The Lytham St Annes Express this week. It concerned the recent Government plans to repeal the ancient Pedlars Act which restricts the operation street vendors. The idea is to encourage enterprise but shopkeepers are worried it might cause "pop up stalls" selling conflicting goods to appear everywhere. Here is the article and the cartoons I did on the matter:-

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welly's Caricatures Website Update

My updated website is now online. A massive thank you to ace magician and web guru Darren Robinson plus talented photographer Shanon Leigh. There are some special offers and new products. Please take a look.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

1st Commission 2013

I was asked to draw this guy on his phone in his beautiful Maserati Grandtourismo. That's a guaranteed 3 points on his license!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dieting Cartoons

It's nearly New year and thoughts turn to removing the excess poundage we gained over the year and Festive Period. Here's some of my thoughts on the question of dieting.

Saturday, December 29, 2012